2014 News

Class of 1963 Donates $1,000

Members of the Class of 1963 Reunion Planning Committee, whose 50th class reunion was held in September with over 300 in attendance, presented a check for $1,000 to the Pocatello High School Education Foundation on Friday, February 7th.   The Class of 1963 was the largest and the last class to graduate from only one high school in Pocatello. 


Receiving the check on behalf of the Foundation was Principal Don Cotant; next to Principal Cotant are Foundation Board member Rayna Valentine and Foundation Board President Carol Hancock.     Standing behind the class banner, which was signed by class members at the reunion, from left to right are class members:  Bob Myers, Marla Kay Seaton Stinger, Fred Evans, Bob Flandro, Dorthy Johnson LeVels, LaVoy Riley Myers, Francie Wilson Stephens, and Chris Young.    After each of the classes’ past reunions the class has donated funds to the Foundation as a small token of appreciation and recognition to the dedicated teachers and the educational opportunities they had while attending Pocatello High School.   The donation will be used by the Foundation to fund grants submitted by current staff members to help them meet educational student needs.  At the presentation, the class of 1963 extended a challenge to all other classes holding future reunions to support their respective school’s Education Foundation.